Sunday, February 9, 2014

My New Area!

I now got my new area and my new comp!  We are in Los Campos, the city name, and im one of the two companionships in the city....  It is fantastic!  We have members in our area and they help us out a ton.  But first of all my comp is Elder Valdes and he is a little bit weird...  But I have only known him for about 5 days so yeah Im sure we will get used to each other...  And he is from Chile so I dont have to teach him spanish, luckily...  But back to the Area, we have about three teenagers that love to leave with us.  The are 18 19 and 16, and they are all preparing to go on missions.  The one that is 18, Melvin, put in his papers yesterday, the one that is 19, Kevin, is starting his papers, and the one that is 16, sony,  is preparing for his mission.  So that is great because they ususally leave with us!  And the funny thing is that Melvin used to live in Salama, which was the area of my zone leaders back in Rabinal, and I knew him because he was always with the zone leaders and stuff, and I knew his family too.  But in December they moved to this area that I am in now... So I am kind of just following him around!  But he is fantastic!  He knows a lot of the lessons that we teach, and since me and my comp dont know the area really well, because we are both new to the area, he has been helping us out a ton!  
And Church was pretty great this week!  We had about 170 people in church which is about 130 more people than Rabinal...  So yeah it was a little bit different for me...  But is was fantastic!  It is going pretty great in my area though, we have a few people that are interested in our message, and we have been working super hard to know the area a little bit better!    But other than that things are going super great here!
My Scripture for this week, I forgot the past couple weeks... oops, is John 10:17-18.  It is absolutely fantastic!

Love Elder Stuart

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