Sunday, February 16, 2014

Here I am again...

Im kind of running out of things to say each week... It gets harder to send these with each week..  But I will continue trying to inform thee of the things that are occurring in my life... This week has been not down in the depths nor high in the heavens, but just original.  Nothing of great worth has passed, nor nothing of hazard to my companion or me.  We are walking the hills of Coban having chats with the people that are accepting, and pressing forward with those that dont...  It has been a grand opportunity to share my moments with thee, and I will write thee in the next monday of this month.

Ok Im not going to lie that took about 15 minutes to write, and it was really hard to think of that... So I hope you enjoyed it...  Anyways as I have noted this week was just average, we didnt have any great stories or anything spectacular happen but it was still a pretty good week!  

Also we are in an area where some of the people speak Queqchi (kekchee) for those who didnt understand that...  And about 50 percent of the people speak it, so sometimes during the lesson they will just speak to each other in this language so yeah...  We have started to have a member that knows queqchi come with us so that they can understand it and tell us what they are saying, so they cant talk behind our backs...  So yeah I guess that that is kind of interesting!  

Also we had a zone conference this week and it was super great.  They taught us about Alma 5, which is a great chapter, probably one of my favorites, which is great about the repentence. But it is a little harsh, but that is why I love it!   We have nicknamed it Alma Cincho (cincho here in guatemala is like forcefully speaking or something like that, it is a little hard to explain, but the people in Guatemala, Jonny, Will understand this part...  But anyway i guess ill continue with my letter)  Alma had no fear to tell the people what they need to do. He had no fear to tell them the things of his heart.  Also he bears his testimony in this chapter and it is super powerfull!  So yeah you should read it.

"Mormonism is true, every single word of it" 

Love Elder Stuart

P.S. That quote is from SNL for those that were wondering...

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