Sunday, February 23, 2014

Good week!

This week has been pretty great!  We had many good things happen this week!  First off, I cant remember what day, but we were walking in the street after about three ish appointments had fallen and so we were just walking and talking and not really paying attention just kind of walking...  and I looked up and we saw a mom and two daughters who were carrying their firewood to their house, not uncommon, and I just felt like I should ask them if they want help... So I did...  And we just walked to their house which was like two blocks away dropped off the wood, and asked if we could come back..  She said yes, but we werent to excited still becuase that happens a lot and they usually just say yes to be nice,and you can never teach them again...  But anyways we passed by two ish days later just to see if they had time and they said yes!  So we were super excited and it just kept getting better and better.  We found out that the mom was baptized like 29 years ago and has only been to church once, and that was when she got the holy ghost...  And that she would like to go to church again.  And not only that the daughter, Silvia, said that she wanted to get baptized, and the son, who wasnt there when we first met them, said he would think about it.  But we still havent been able to contact the dad.  So they assisted church yesterday and are super excited!  So that was a pretty great experience that had happened this week.  It is great to know that if we always have a good attitude that we will be able to have good things happen.  That is one thing that I have learned that a good attitude is the most important thing!

So yeah this week has been a pretty good week and the next even better, and the next even better! (if that is even possible)  But yeah things are going good here right now!  Hard work pays off!  

Oh and yeah have a good time...  Stuart out!

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