Monday, July 6, 2015

My life in Guate

Well another week has passed in Guatemala for Elder Stuart...  I am just loving the mission right now... itis pretty great..  We celebrated my birthday today by going to a members house to eat lunch.. which made me sick... welcome to guatemala... but also in the morning my comp and my neighbors... woke me up with firecrakers... like 100 of them at 530...  so that was pretty interesting... but that was cool..  so yeah it has been a pretty good day..

As for the week... it was also a pretty good week.. we were able to continue with wendy.... we have now taught her everything... she just needs to ask her mom for permission... she still hasnt done it!  So that is getting me impatient...but we will let her take her time.... it is her baptism..  so yeah we are geting close on that...

Other than that it has been just a normal week..

Love Elder Stuart
 (29 Jun 2015)

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