Sunday, June 8, 2014


Well we got our changes... and again I have no change!  But I will be getting a new companion named Elder Lomeu, and he is from Brazil... So I am pretty excited for that, especially because he is from Brazil and well they know portuguese, and well maybe I will learn a little...  But I am pretty excited for that!  I have heard some pretty good things about him!  So I will be in Los Campos 2 again for another 6 weeks!

But this week was a little slow but it was a good week... Because Elder Falcon was leaving a lot of the members had invited him over for lunches and dinners, so we ate free for both meals this whole week, when usually we paid for lunch and didnt eat dinner... so that was good, but it took up a lot of time, so we werent able to visit a ton of new people, but we did have a lesson with a family that we were teaching and they were super interested, so we are excited to follow up with them this next week...  So yeah this week didnt have a ton of things that happened...

But one other thing that happened that was pretty cool is that we were able to have a lesson with an investigator about the book of mormon and things like that... and we had an x missionary that left with us to teach this person about the book of mormon and why we focus on it, and stuff like that... and it was really cool to see the way that this member taught the investigator, and we had been teaching this investigator for some time, but he never understood the importance of the book of mormon, but after this lesson, that we had on sunday, he understood the significance of the book of mormon and the bible and using them together... So that was a pretty cool learning experience for me...  

So yeah that is about all for this week and my scripture is 2Nephi 9... again it is the whole chapter, so that you guys are reading more in the  book of mormon...

Love you all

Elder Stuart

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