Sunday, March 1, 2015


Well this week was a week full of firsts...  First thing is that this week I had to direct a funeral...  That was something that I was never expecting to do in my mission.  One of the members died this week in a motorcycle accident... It was a pretty sad experience.  He was 27 and he got baptized in 2011... but he was inactive for about 3 years... or in other words since his baptism..  But he died on sunday at like 1:00 am and so we had to prepare everything so at 5 we could do his viewing.  It was a pretty cool experience... he was the only member of his family... but his wifes family was all member, but all of them were/are inactives but her brother...  so it was a really good missionary experience to have the opportunity to talk with all these people that dont know about the plan of salvation.  We sang some hymns (like 10) and me and the first counsellor talked in the funeral.  I also had to direct the funeral.  So that was just kind of a very interesting thing to do.  I believe that this was the thing that had to happen so that cubulco could receive the last little bit of preparation to blossom.  It is sad that not very many people repent until it is to late, or until something big has to happen to them or to a loved one... but the good thing is that at least they change.  So that was a pretty sad sunday.
But on a good note... we also were able to work a little bit with Marcos (the husband of lucia) and help him a little bit more to progress.  The problem is is that he drinks so we are helping him little by little so that he can get rid of this addiction.  The future for him is looking a little bit better than it was 3 months ago.  Also we are getting bigger and bigger as a group here in cubulco!  I am just so excited to see the progress here. 
Other than that not much happened this week... but all is well here in guate...
Love Elder Stuart

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