Sunday, March 15, 2015

Stressful week!

Well this week was kind of a full week... but a week that turned out to be a pretty good week.  It was all going pretty smoothly until friday.  We were planning a movie night here in cubulco for saturday and all the preparations were going good...  And then on friday we got some news that one of our investigators that is going super well in his progress started to drink. So that was kind of a bummer so we spent a little bit of time with him on friday night so that we could help him to get undrunk.  Also it is in his house where we have church so that was kind of a bummer because now we had to stress about how we were going to have church in a drunk guys house.  So then we just decided that we were going to not worry about that and continue planning for the movie night.  We had everything well planned and then at 5:20 it started to rain and our movie was going to be at 6 in the park, or in other words, outside.  So at that moment we were just a little bit stressed... we had plans for about 300 people that arent members to go to this activity and if it were raining nobody would go.  So we were just kind of bummed.  But we continued with faith... and everything just so happened to work out.  The rain stopped at 5:55 and then everyone started to come!  By 6:20 there were about 150 investigators sitting down in the park watching the movies about Jesus and The Restoration!  It was a huge success!  So that was all super good!  We are excited to see how the results are from this actividad and to see if we can get a little more excitement here in cubulco!  Then for church on sunday it was super weird.  The investigator was still drunk saturday night but we just felt like that we should go to his house at like 8 in the morning sunday to see if he was ok...  Andwell we got there and he wasnt drunk!  So that was super good!  But then a weird thing happened... after all the members left church we decided that we were just going to talk to him for a little bit to see what was happening... and the minute after all the people left church it was as if he were drunk again... he started saying dumb things and all that crap, which was kind of sad to see.. .but at least he was good for church, so that was kind of a blessing!  But we are going to have to see what we can do about that to help him to change that.  But that is all that happened this week!  All is well here! 
Love Elder Stuart 

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