Sunday, May 4, 2014


This week was pretty good... It seems like every time I write my mind goes blank about the things that we did throughout the week... but yeah I guess that Ill try to remember.. The big thing that happened this week is that we were able to confirm a date for baptism for the 10th of may... and the only thing that this investagator has fear of is that one day he might not have the same desire to follow Christ, and/or he might move to an area in Guatemala that doesnt have a Chapel...  So he is super excited and we are helping him a ton to recognize that...  It helped me realize how important the 5th part of the doctrine of Christ is, Enduring to the End...  I have already talked about that a lot in letters in the past, but it really is one of the most important parts of the our lives...  And in my personal study I was able to find some good scriptures that I liked a lot about that...  In D&C 42:78 it says something like, every member of the church needs to follow the covenants of the church and the commandments... So that is a great responsibility... and also in Moroni 18:9 and 10 it tells us that by completing the commandment/covenant of baptism that we promise to be witnesses of Christ at all times...  So we as members have made a covenant to be a representative of Christ at all times, and in all things, and in all places...  So that was something Interesting that I found this week...  

Also this week It has been super hot... Which is kind of a bummer... But a kind of funny/embarassing story that happened this week is that we found a less active man and his wife and family who arent members, so he is the only member... and we went to visit him...  And we entered the house, and the wife sat us down and said, Ok perfect you guys can help me teach my son on of the lessons that he needs to be baptized(they are adventists) so then she said a prayer to start and taught a whole lesson to her son about faith in front of us, then finished with a prayer, and told us thanks and told us to leave... Im pretty sure we got out about 5 words in total...  So yeah she got one lesson with member, and 2 new investigators....  Which was us...  So yeah that was quite the experience...  

But yeah this week was much better for the work, it had been a little slow, but it is starting to pick back up again so that is good...  Me and Elder Falcon are working really hard to get this area back to life....  And it took us about 4 months but it is finally start to get back up to normal...  Which is really good...  And that reminded me of a scripture that is in Mosiah 21 verses 15 and 16... so yeah you should read that... it  is a good one.  para todos los chambones que no van a leer, it talks about how God will always answer prayers, but sometimes he is a little bit slow to answer us, because we were slow to remember him... so yeah we need to remember him always!  Ok I think that is all...  Thanks!  LOVE YOU ALL!

Elder Stuart

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