Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mothers Day!

This week was pretty good!  First off it was great to be able to talk to you guys!  I cant believe that 9 months has already passed!  But it has gone by way to fast!  I just want to let you all know how great the mission is... It is literally the best thing that I have done in my life... It is so great and I have learned so many great lessons from being here... 
But this week was a little slow again..  First off we had a conference with an Elder Ochoa... He is in the presidency of the area and he came to talk to us...  He lives in Highland Utah...  so yeah Im not sure if Grandma knows him...  But it was great he talked to us about repentance...  It was great..  And also we had mothers day... so it was a little hard to find people this week...  But mothers day was great here... They celebrate it here on saturday the 10th... It always falls on the 10th here... so yeah on saturday we celebrated it here...  And we got fat!!!  We ate like 80000 times...  Literally every house that we went to gave us a huge plate of food... so yeah it was pretty great!  But i was so full I could barely even walk!  So yeah that was great!
But we are teaching a family that is super cool, that is looking for a change in their lives... It is great experience for me to be teaching them... And it has really taught me how important the family is and how greatful I am for my family...  Our family is literally the best!  But anyway back to this other family.. the dad is a drunk and well he wants to change... but his family has always been that way... His dad was a drunk, his brothers are drunks... and he wants to make the change... and for that his family has kind of put him as the outcast... He stopped drinking hardcore a few years ago to focus on his family... and for that his family rejected him... who know why, that is one thing that I dont understand.. but it just goes to show the power of satan...  So we have been talking with them this week a lot about the importance of living to the standards of the church and how it can help their family... And he is really looking for this change in his life...  But it is really cool to see the courage of this man to try to make that change that he is making in his life to be a better person...  So that is something that I loved this week is that this experience showed me how important are the families and how great our family is!!!  I am so greatful for the opportunity that I have had to live in the gospel my whole life to have these blessings as a family!  I know that families are the center of Gods plan and that we can live with our families forever through the gospel of Jesus Christ!!  Thanks for all that you guys do for me!  Love you all!!!
Love Elder Stuart
P.S.  my scriptures...  Alma 43:47   3 Nephi 18:21.... Families are important!!!!!!

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