Sunday, July 13, 2014


This week we received our changes and I am finally leaving my area to go to an area named La Libertad in Peten... So I am excited to go there and I am going to have a gringo companion named Elder Loveland... so that will be interesting... It will be my third companion that doesnt have spanish as a native language...  So that is pretty  interesting!  So I am super excited for that!  I have heard many good things about him.

But this week was kind of a bummer, but also super good... We didnt end up baptizing douglas, because on thursday he had a lot of doubts and he did have the desire to get baptized still but we told him that he couldnt... we felt that it would be better if he waited until he had a little bit stronger of a testimony... which was hard for me because that meant that I wasnt going to be there for his baptism...  But I did learn that it is best to do what is best for them and not for me, so Ill be excited to hear about his progress throughout the weeks that I wont be there, but he is going to get baptized in like 3 weeks... 

But we had a pretty good week because one of our investigators, named Daniela, We had been teaching her for about 3 months back in like march, but then in late may early june, her dad called, who lives in a different part of Guatemala, and said that she couldnt listen to us anymore... so we stopped teaching her, because we didnt want her dad to get mad... But then a week ago she came to church out of the blue... so we were a little bit surprised by that, so we started to teach her again this past week and she is super excited to get baptized... she said that it doesnt matter what her dad says, that she knows this church is true and that she wants to follow god, not her dad... So that was super good and this week (yesterday) she came to church alone again, even though it was raining and she had to walk 10 minutes!  So that was super good, so my companion will be baptizing her this next 6 weeks!

So things are going pretty good over here!  I am a little bit sad to leave my area because I had some close relations with the people there, and so im going to miss them, but I am super excited for the next area!  I am happy to have a new start again, looking in new places for people to teach about the gospel!  So I am super excited for that!

Hasta pronto...

Love Elder Stuart

Oh and p.s. I am sending a package home with elder Welker... He was Jonnys companion in the CCM and well they are going to meet up after the mission... I think so he will be taking that home for me... Ill give more details on what is for who and things like that when you guys get it!  

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