Sunday, July 20, 2014

La Libertad 2

Well this week I entered into the area la libertad 2, and it is in peten... and well Peten is super hot!  It is like summer time in utah, but humid... for example when I shower in cold water I start to sweat while Im still drying off... so yeah we are always sweaty here... and like in the night, we sleep with fans on us so that we dont completely soak our bed with sweat... It is still hot at night but not sweaty... so yeah that is about the weather of peten...

But  my companion is Elder Loveland... and he is from Orem and he is such a great guy...    He is probably my favorite companion so far...   so i am super excited for this change up here... but the only problem is that the old comp of elder Loveland went to his house this last week to finish his 2 years... so he didnt work to hard and so when I got here we hardly had anything .. but now we some fechas for baptism so we are looking forward to       the work this  change... 

But we do have one investigator named  Angel that is ready to get baptised the only problem is htat he isnt married so we are planning on getting him married in these next two weeks and then his baptism... but he is super ready to get baptized... we hadnt talked with him the whole last week so we didnt think that he was going to be going to church but we passed by  for his house to take him to church and his family said that he just left, but the have no idea where he went.. .so we thought that he like went out with friends or something, but when we got to church  he was already there waiting for us!  So we were super happy!  So that is about all that has happened recenty.. but we have good plans fo rthis next week!

Elder Stuart

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