Sunday, July 6, 2014

Crazy week!

This week was pretty good!  First of all we were able to get 5 Investigators in church this week, and we are planning on a baptism for this saturday... but we will have to see how that all goes... because we are about 50 percent sure that he is going to get baptized... so we are hoping and praying a lot for that to happen!  And with another one of them we are waiting for his moms permission and he she gives it to him, he is going to get baptized this saturday also!  So we have got big plans for this week and we hope that all goes well, because this might be my last week here in this area!  I have like 6 months here, so they probably are going to take me out but Im not too sure...  So we are super excited to end this area good!

Also we had some other good things happen this week... And I have learned a lot this week about the importance of working diligently...  I has been a good week and we have worked so hard...   And one thing that I am proud about is that my companion always is saying that we work like dogs... that this 6 weeks together has flown by because we have worked so hard... so that was something that I was glad to hear...  He said that in his 16 months in the mission that he had never worked so hard!  So that was pretty great to hear! But it is a little sad for me to see... because I had worked so hard in this area, but we hardly had any success, and now that I am leaving all the success is coming... I was a little bit sad about that yesterday when I was thinking about this area... but then a realized, and learned a great lesson...  That yes the baptisms are important, but it is more important that we are focused on doing the work of our father, working with our all strength so that the work of the Lord can progress.  And that this really is the work of the Lord and that I am here for 2 years to help him out with this work! and that 2 years is such a short time of my life...  One of the Hermanas that is in my district is going home this next week and she shared her testimony in the district meeting and it was one of the most powerful testimonys that I have heard in my life... She literally dedicated every second of the 18 months that she was here to the lord.. She is one of the best missionarys that I have seen in my life... and she testified about the importance of this work and how we need to be dedicated to him every second of our lives and we will receive many blessings..  

So this week was a pretty good week and I am super excited to keep on being a representative of Jesus Christ... It literally is one of the greatest blessings that we have in our life... That I am acutally a representative of him.. I am doing what he would be doing...  So yeah for those missionaries out there... remember that..  

Love Elder Stuart

DyC 107  Remember the power of the preisthood...   

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