Sunday, July 27, 2014

Good Week!

We are having a fantastic time here in la libertad!  We are just working hard and having a lot of fun doing it.. and the success is coming...  So that is all good!  Elder Loveland is one of my favorite companions in the mission... He just a super great guy... We get along so well it is awesome!  It is so much more fun.  

But anyways this week we were able to put to good fechas for baptism for the 16th of August... one with a Person named Angel who is 20 years old... and the other with a kid named Rodrigo who is 13... They are both super great!  Angel is the person that came to church last week and he is super excited to get baptized... he is going to get married the 9th so we are planning his wedding and all that... and then he is going to get baptized the 16th... so that is super great!  And Rodrigo came to church yesterday and we put that goal with him... So that was a great day...

And today we cooked Snikerdoodles... sothat was fun and they were super good!  

Love Elder Stuart

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