Sunday, January 26, 2014


This week has been a little exciting!  We started out with accidentally going on a little adventure!  we were going to go to a new investigators house and we had never been there before, and we ended up having to cross a river... but there was a bridge a little away, but we couldnt get to it! So we crossed the river using the help of little kids that were bathing in the river, and they spent like 15 minutes building us a bridge out of rocks so that we cross without getting in!  So that was pretty exciting!  

We also finally changed houses here in Rabinal after about 3 months of looking... and the new house is pretty great! but the shower doesnt work again... so we still have to take bucket showers... which still sucks... But I like the new house... But I have a change... So I wont even be in Rabinal anymore...  But whatever!  I will be going to an area named Los Campos 2, just outside of Coban!  So I am going to be close to Coban, which is the biggest city in our mission!  and with that comes a Ward!  So I will actually be in one of the 5 wards in the mission!  Instead of a branch of 35 ish people!  so Im pretty excited for that! So I will be getting a new comp again... but I dont know who yet!  So I will figure all that out tomorrow when I go to my new area!  So I am a little bit sad to be leaving Rabinal, but I am excited to have a change!  

Thanks for all of the support and until next time!!!!!!!

Love Elder Stuart

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