Sunday, January 5, 2014


This week was fantastic!  We had a ton of fun and we worked super hard!  It was super fun to talk to you guys on christmas, that definately was the best part of all of it!  It was so great!  And that package was just the best thing I have ever gotten, and there was more stuff in there than I usually get for christmas so that was a bonus...  It was a fantastic Christmas!  It was so great to be able to the work of the lord on his birthday, for me it was kind of like a birthday present from me to him...  So I was happy about that!

The work here in Rabinal was a little bit slow though, because it is such a small town that everybody always goes to the bigger towns for Christmas with their family, and the people that were there had family from somewhere else, so not many people wanted to hear our message, but it was great for me to be doing the work of the lord on his birthday!  It was great to be able to do that!

Things are going good though right now, we are teaching a family of all women, which is pretty common, because the dads are a lot of the times in the US working.  But we are teaching the mom and her three daughters so that is going pretty great!  Also we are teaching this kid named Jose, which is great because he wants to learn more english, he already knows a little, and so that is good because my comp can teach him a little bit more because he knows english.  So that is great for my comp, and this kid because they can both practice the language!

New Years is going to be crazy here, and it sounds like it wont be quite as crazy there, but that is kind of a good thing...  There are going to be so many people out partying for new years here, it will be crazy!  But im excited to see it!

Thanks for all the support!  My scripture this week is Helaman 5 12.  I know that if Christ is our foundation we cannot fall!  I love that scripture!

Love Elder Stuart

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