Sunday, January 19, 2014

este semana fue loco y no puedo pensar de un nombre para mi subjecto, entonces aqui esta...

Well first off I hope you guys understand that subject... I couldnt think of one but this week was crazy!  First off starting out on last p-day, after we wrote you guys we went to go on a hike up to this mountain that has the name of Rabinal on it. It would be kind of like hiking to the B or something, but this hike did not have any paths...  So we were walking through backyards... if you can even call them that...  and fields of grass that were as tall as us and then basically scaled a part of the mountain, and then we were about half way there...  so we kind of took a break because my comp was feeling a little lightheaded, and he thought that was weird, because he is a hiker, and this was super easy...  So during our break, he saw something on his leg and he went to hit it away, but it didnt leave.  Well it turns out that it was a tic.  So we ended our hike because I think that it was just sucking out his energy so we went back to our house to call the nurse to figure out how to get rid of it... Oh and by the way we named it Dick the tick...  I dont know if that is exactly appropriate but whatever...  So we went back to the house and called the nurse and the nurse said that we should just pull it out with tweezers and that it should come out and to call him if we had any questions...  and this is what we had always heard not to do... but we tried it and it wouldnt come out, so i burnt it with a match because that is what we thought would be best, and then we pulled it one more time and it came right out!  So that was quite the experience, and I am now officially a tic pulling out expert...  So if you have any questions, call me, maybe...  oh and my comp was ticked because he had a tic...  Just so you know we have about a million more puns about this tic...
Also on Wednesday we had the baptism for lili and my comp baptized her so that is his first baptism and that is super cool!!!!!!  It was great and her family which wasnt really interested came to her baptism and they also came to church for her confirmation!  So that was super exciting!  And also she is inviting  basically her whole neighborhood to come and learn with us!  So it is super exciting here right now!  So yeah this week was super crazy!  But super exciting!
Love you all!!!!  
Elder Stuart

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