Sunday, January 5, 2014


IT IS CHRISTMAS TIME!!!!!  I honestly cant believe it!  Time has literally flown by!  And it doesnt really feel like christmas with out snow, but It is great here to see all the traditions of the Guatemalans!  So it is great here, we are going to have little activities tomorrow and wednesday with members and some of our investigators, so that will be fantastic!

This past week has been a little crazy.  My comp got a little sick on wednesday and he had such a high fever so we stayed in the house for that day... but it was great because we practiced our spanish, and studied a ton so that was great, and kind of bad for him at the same time...  But we had some good lessons this week with a girl that we are going to baptize this saturday! So we are super excited for that, because we thought that her mom wasnt going to give her permission, because her mom had said for like the past month, that her daughter cant get baptized, but after a lot of fasting and praying she finally has permission so that is fantastic!  It really does show the power of Fasting and prayer!  It is so AWESOME!

Also In church yesterday we had the primary program, but the only problem is that we only have two kids in primary in our branch... so we had to bring kids from the Branch in Salama.  But it was still fantastic to see all the kids there.  I felt the spirit so strong to here the testimonies of little kids.  Because they may not know everything about the church but the had faith to get baptized.  I just wish that our Investigators could see this, because there are a ton of people who say that they need to know everything about the gospel before they get baptized, even though they know it is the right thing to do. Children are such good examples!!!

Not much else happened last week, but Im so excited for this week, It will be fantastic!  There is so much love going on around here, so I think that it will be a good time to teach new people!  Also Im super excited to talk to you guys!  CANT WAIT!

My scripture this week is 3rd nephi, 9 22.  This talks about becoming as a little child and being baptized!  How great right!!!!!

Love Elder Stuart!

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