Sunday, January 12, 2014


This week was pretty greaat!!!  With new years and all there were a lot of fireworks to watch and here and it was pretty exciting.  But this week in the market where they all sell their fireworks, there are millions of fireworks stores just filled with fireworks, a drunk guy was smoking and he threw his cigar onto a firework stand, and the whole thing blew up... along with two other stores...  But it wasnt that big of a deal, because the stores in the market here and just a table and they put everything on the table, but yeah three tables of fireworks blew up...  And we were about a block away when it happened, and we saw the police pull up and beat up the drunk guy, because there are no laws here, and throw him in the back of there truck and drive away...  So that was a pretty great experience, it was super exciting to watch, because we got a free, huge, firework show!  But a really cool thing that happened too is that one of the members has one of these stores of fireworks and it was right next to the ones that blew up, and she was super lucky that hers didnt blow up, and so she was going around telling everyone it was a blessing from God, so that was a really cool experience!
Also another really cool spiritual experience that happened this week is that the elders from cubulco, the area right next to mine, had a baptism and we took one of our investigators to the baptism, but she was having doubts on whether or not she wanted to get baptized, so we didnt even have like a date for her to get baptized or anything, but she told us after that she wants to get baptized this saturday!  But not only that one of the members said that all the teenagers were going to the temple this saturday, and our investigator, Lili and she is 16, said that she wanted to go!  So she is going to get baptized this wednesday, in two days, and then go to the temple to do baptizms for the dead on saturday!  That was such a cool spiritual experience!  So Im super excited for that! 
Not much other than that happened this week but those experiences were super exciting!  Things are getting better here each day, and suprisingly im loving the mission more each day, which I didnt know was possible!  My scripture for this week is John 3 16-17.  That one is super common, but I love it!
Love Elder Stuart

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