Sunday, April 19, 2015


Alright... well here I am again....  this week was a a good week....  We are going little by little to help Cubulco to keep going strong!  Although this week my companion got sick.. seems to be the going thing for the new missionaries... they always get sick, but I guess he will get over it soon.  But he had to go to coban today to go to the doctor...  so I stayed here in Rabinal with Elder Vargas and Elder brito ended up going to coban with Elder Barahona because he also had a doctors appt. in coban... so I am here in Rabinal until tomorrow night. 
But this week for work was a pretty good week!  We are preparing a family to be baptized this weekend.. so we are praying a lot for him that he and his family can get baptized!  He is doing good, and he is super ready... but he just needs to keep strong because he used to drink and since we found him he hasnt drunk, but we are just hoping that he can keep strong until his baptism... and for his whole life!  So yeah that is about all that is happening with us for this week!
Love Elder Stuart

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