Sunday, April 5, 2015

Good week!

So this week was a good week!  First off we had to change the place where we were having church which is now coing to be in my house. So that is going to be a little bit interesting.  We are super excitied for that we are hoping that that will help us a little bit now that the church is going to be in a place a little bit more stable.  So we are super excited.  And it showed success because we were able to have 10 investigators in church.  So that was super good. We had a family of a guy that is named Juan Carlos... I dont know if I already explained his situation or not.. but We found  him, me and Elder Gomez, like 3 weeks ago and he had told us that he had been healed by the Elders like 3 years ago... He had some sort of sleeping disease and he hadnt slept in like two weeks, when his mom went to go find the pastor of the Catholic church so that he could give him a blessing.. but it didnt work.. .so the mom went to go find the leader of the Nazareth Church... but it also didnt work... so she was talking to her neighbor (which just so happened to be the only member in Cubulco at the time...) and the neighbor told his mom that the Elders could give him a blessing... so they did, and he was healed!!  How great it is to have the power!  So long story short the Elders had a change after they  healed him, and he couldnt go to Rabinal to go to church... so now that we have found him we are excited for him and he is super excited to get baptized with his family!!  We are hoping that they will be baptized the 18th of April! So that was super great!
Also me and my companion are getting along suprer well so that is good!  I am just hoping to be able to finish strong! 
Love Elder Stuart

(30 Mar 2015)

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