Sunday, April 19, 2015

Conference and Photos

This week was a pretty busy week...  We were excited for conference, and it all turned out pretty good... Usually here in Guatemala the internet is super slow... and we have struggles usually seeing conference, but this time it worked super well!  So we were able to learn a lot and have a great time letting our investigators know who is the prophet that he has the power to talk to God and receive revelation for the whole world!  So we enjoyed that a lot... we were able to have some success with that and we are hoping to have a good couple of weeks here... 
Other than that our week here was pretty slow... because here it is called holy week... so there are a bunch of Catholics and their wicked traditions... so that was kind of a bummer.. because there is literaly nobody in their house.  So yeah not much to say this week just that I am busy and I will write more next week!
Just some pictures of us here in Cubulco.. doing service and here are the other elders... waiting for us... to start church...  

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