Sunday, April 5, 2015

Going strong in Guate...

Hey well this week has been a very interesting week!  We had to go to coban (5 hours in bus) to pick up my new companion on monday... that is why i didnt have a ton of time...  But his name is Elder Barahona...  He is from Honduras and 20 years old.  He is new so we are having a good time helping him get used to the mission! Then after that we got to Cubulco on Wednesday at like 9:00 A.M.  And we started to work... It was a pretty good day and then thursday we had to go back to coban for a meeting on friday... so in other words we werent in Cubulco for basically the whole week... so that was a little bit frustrating but we did have a pretty good time working for the 2 days that we were there.  We had a lesson with a person named Lorena and her family the other day.. and it was a super powerful lesson!  We taught her the importance of going to the Church that Jesus Christ has established and not to any other church... because the people here all have the belief that it doesnt matter which church you go to they all teach "the word of god" so it was a pretty good lesson becuase she finally could understand the importance of going to the church of Jesus Christ...  So that was a pretty good lesson that we had this week. 
Other than that I am just excited to still be in Cublco! Taking advantage of the last few months!!!!!! 
Love Elder Stuart

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