Sunday, April 26, 2015

Fotos and the week summary...

Well This week was good and a little bit stressful... We were able to have a pretty good week... mainly because all the baptizms went through successfully.  We baptized a guy named tereso and his family.. it was a pretty great experience.  He is such a great guy and will be a great member here in Cubulco.. Maybe he will be the person to get this place going strong...  So we are super happy about that.
Also as shown is these photos we also helped a less active member to chop down a tree.. so that he would go to church.. so that was pretty great also!  We are just going along pretty smoothly here.  
Also we are now in a trio.. because Elder Barahona ended up going home.. because he had appendicitus and his appendix exploded and that was why he was throwing up blood.. so they did surgery on him last monday and yesterday he went home.  So I am now back with Elder Gomez.. .and his companion Elder Nombrado.  Elder Nombrado is samoan.. he is a super good guy elder nombrado... We get along super well..  So that is pretty fun!  But I think that that is about it for this week...
Love Elder Stuart

Wedding and the baptism!!!!!

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