Sunday, April 20, 2014

Changes, but not really....

Well this week was changes... but I´m going to be staying here again in Los Campos 2...  so yeah but im super excited for that, we have some good plans for this area the next change!  But yeah this week was pretty crazy...  First off on tuesday, we had a little windstorm, that had the same effect on Utah like 3 years ago, but wasnt nearly as strong...  But the houses here are hardly built, so yeah there were roofs flying off and trees falling down, stuff like that...  So we thought, well this is a great opportunidad for service, so we were walking in the street in the pouring rain looking for service...  and at first we were using our jackets and stuff to keep us dry, but then we had the idea to take off our jackets, brilliant right, and have our white shirts showing.  And well actually it was a good idea, because there was hardly anyone in the streets but the people that were in the streets recognized us as ¨the mormons¨ and well we ended up finding 7 new investigators that day with like 5 lessons taught, which is a ton...  And also we had one of our investigators that wasnt really too interested, that we helped, that now is super interested, and she says that she wants to get baptized this saturday... So we are hoping that she will follow through with it, because she is kind of flaky, but yeah we are hoping for her...  So yeah that was a pretty great experience..

Also this week we were able to find some super interested in the gospel.. IT was great!  And almost all of these people came from references from the members... Like the people that we helped with service are great, but they listen usually for like 2 or 3 lessons, and they dont progress, but the people from references are great!  WE got a reference from a member that we literally just passed by his house for like 2 minutes just to get to know him and put another appointment... and he was awesome, he said that ihe is going to go to church and he wants to get baptized and stuff like that... So yeah That was pretty great!  

Then today we went to a cave for pday that was pretty sweet!  It was like a 15 minute hike through the cave to a point that was hardish to reach, like crawling through little holes and climbing up rocks, and crossing rivers, but the end was awesome... we had everyone turn off their lights and it was literally so black, pitch black..  And that just reminded me of Life and enduring to the end...  The hike wasnt hard for the people that were prepared, or the people that had the desired to get the end results. but for those who just thought stuff like, ¨oh this is just a cave its not that cool, or I dont want to hike im tired¨  didnt get to see the end results...  And well they missed out... They did everything except for enduring to the end... They went to the cave, they payed to enter the cave, and they started the journey, but they didnt finish...  It is like some people with the doctrine of Christ... They have faith, they have repented, they have been baptized, and they have received the holy ghost, but if they dont endure to the end, they wont get the end results...  Also the same example with Bubba Watson in the Masters this week... He was able to keep his head up and endure to the end, and ended up winning... He didnt let the fact that he was down 3, get him down... He just kept going at his own pace and won...  So yeah sorry for those who dont understand that about golf... but yeah That is my little spiritual thought for this week...  Hope you liked it...

Love Elder Stuart

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