Sunday, April 6, 2014

Stake conference...

Well this week was pretty great!  We were able to talk with a family of 5 that we were teaching, and they said that they wanted to get baptized!  so that was pretty great to hear!  So we took them to church, but it was stake conference, and we had it in two different buildings, and the building that we went to they were broadcasting in to there...  so we were watching it... Kind of...  It didnt really work, and we were thinking that this would be perfect for them that they would learn more about the church and reinforce their decision to be baptized...  but the projection didnt work, so we saw nothing of stake conference, so that was very disappointing for us because we didnt know how our investagators would react, so we visited them later that day and they said that they understand and they still want to be baptized.  So that was great to see the faith of them that it didnt matter the technical stuff that happened but the still wanted to get baptized so that was great!

Also this week we were able to have a conference with three zones of the mission, and the president talked with us... It was pretty great!  I learned a lot!  It is crazy how much that the people/leaders of the church know and the spirit that you can feel from them.  They are so powerfull, and also we heardd from the temple president.  He also was great!  So this week was pretty great!  Not much else happened this week but it was pretty great!

Love Elder Stuart

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