Sunday, April 20, 2014


This week was pretty interesting!  We had divisions again, but this time I went with the Elders that are usually in the office... so that was quite the experience.  I went to be companions with Elder Kumpf, who talked to mom on the phone... and Elder Bashaw, who is my grandpa in the mission, went to my area for the day...  So yeah we got there at like three and we went to work in their area, and it was actually a pretty slow day, but we were still able to have some success and find some new investagators..  But when we do divisions we usually do if for 24 hours, and no less...  so I went to the offices the next morning for like 2 hours and it was so weird...  We were doing all the finances for the mission, and Hna. Curtiss, Presidents wife, brought cookies... So yeah It was a little bit different missionary work, just sitting in a chair, doing finances and eating cookies for 2 hours, then I went back to my area... which I was super greatful for...  It is so much better to be working in the field than in an office...  

And for General Conference this week... IT WAS AMAZING!!  Sadly we didnt have many investigators go, because we had to travel like 15 minutes in a bus to get there, so yeah they didnt really want to go.. But we did have 2 people that did watch it and now they want to get baptized...  IT is amazing the power of the Prophet and the Apostles....  This guy that watched it really didnt want much of the church before he saw it... He was staying at a members house for the weekend(his cousin) and so he decided to watch it, but the sad thing is that he doesnt live in oure area, he actually lives in Quiche, which is by Jonnys first area...  But yeah so that was great to see the change in him, but he wont be able to get baptized because he literally lives in the middle of nowhere...  But we are going to work on that...  And the other investigator that watched it wants to get baptized too... So yeah that is pretty amazing the power of them....  

So yeah this week was pretty great... But the next week will be even better!!!  Until next time!

Love Elder Stuart

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