Sunday, April 6, 2014


We ate lunch at a recent converts house, and this is Carlos... He is awesome, He is a recent convert from December and he already knows a ton, and leaves with us!

Also another day we ate These.  They are called enchiladas, so when I heard we were eating enchiladas I was excited, then I saw this, and I thought ¨This isnt an enchilada...¨ But yeah it is just a tostada with beets and a piece of a hard boiled egg, and and little piece of an onion, and chili...  Gross

We went to go do service with this family that is going to get baptized, and we went to go chopear (Im not sure how to say that in english but it is when you cut down a bunch of weeds with machetes...)  So this was the path to get there!  Super beautiful..

This is us chopeando, well actually just me, but yeah im chopeando, like a boss...

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