Sunday, April 27, 2014


This week was a little slow, but good.  We were able to recognize many things as a companionship that we were doing good, and not.. and we are working hard to keep up the good work that we had from the last change..  I admire my companion Elder Falcon for the missionary that he is today...  He didnt start off his mission the way that he should have and it was until he had 21 months that he realized how big of a mistake that he had made, for the things that he did... and he is working the hardest he can to make up for this that he had done.. and well he is one of the best missionaries that I know.  He works super hard, and knows a lot about the gospel..  Also he is one on the only Latinos that can speak fluently in English.  So yeah I just wanted to put that in there to let you know how my companion is doing...

But with this week we had some good things happen...  We were able to find some people that are pretty interested, that we hope will progress...  Also we have been able to work hard.  We had a lot of lessons taught this week, one of the highest I had had in my mission, and we were able to help a lot of Less actives to church also...  So yeah it wasnt the best in the world with helping our investigators to church and stuff like that because of Easter here, which is super big for the Catholics, they have like processions the whole week and stuff like that.. So that was a little rough on us, but It was still a good Easter week!

Im am just really greatful for the time that I have had to be a missionary, and every day I recongnize a little more the importance of my calling... It really is one of the greatest things in the world and the oppurtunity that we have to serve the lord in the best in the world...  This is one of the things that me and Elder Falcon were studying this week, is our courage to share the gospel.  And we found some good Scriptures.  One of them is Romans 1:16, and the other is DyC 24:12.  So yeah those are my scriptures for you guys this week, and rembember that each one of us can share the gospel!  Thanks for everything!

Love Elder Stuart

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