Sunday, April 6, 2014

Divisions again...

This week well Im not quite sure what happened... My mind is kind of blank right now...  But yeah we had a decent week this week, I think but i honestly dont remember..  But yesterday in church we were able to take three investagators to church with us so that was pretty great!  So we did divisions again with the other area Los Campos 1(Im in Los Campos 2) and I went over there again...  This time it was a little bit different, because I went with Elder Veliz, who knows a little bit of queqchi, and we taught a lot of people in queqchi, well actually let me rephrase that, he taught a lot of people in queqchi, because I dont know it...  So yeah but that was pretty fun becasue I was able to watch him teach and learn some new things.  Then we were able to put two dates for baptisms in their area.  So that was pretty fantastic.  

And in our area we have 4 new people that have a goal for baptism on the 19th of April, so we are working really hard for that...  We are really excited for the work that we are going to be having in this area..  But I hope that I dont leave it.. Because I might be leaving here in two weeks, but who knows right...  But yeah this week was pretty good...  We are having some of the most success in this time that I have had in my mission, but it is the only time that I havent really had baptisms, so that is a little weird, but I hope that the success will come within this next month for this area.  Because this area wasnt really progressing when I got there, and it is still a little slow, but I think that it will pick up in a month or so..  But yeah thanks for todo.

Oops that last line was spanglish, but You understand... Right?

Love Elder Stuart

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